Fjords Axel Recliner- Large Power Relaxer Chair, Ice Soft Line Premium Leather with a Matte Black Base

  • Fjords Axel Recliner- Large Power Relaxer Chair in Soft Line Leather
  • Equipped with Battery – Includes Dual Motor for separate footrest control – Features Premium Soft Line Leather
  • Provides 170 degrees of swivel – Genuine Fjords Axel Swivel Relaxer Recliner
  • Created with the aim of combining modern design with unmatched seating comfort. The dual motorized structure offers continuous support for the back and legs, with individual control of the footrest and back position, along with swivel bases.
  • Offered in all our leather variants, the Fjords Axel Recliner- Large Power Relaxer Chair comes with a movable head pillow for enhanced comfort, and a manually adjustable headrest angle. The chair can be found in two sizes, medium and large.
Last updated on April 13, 2024 5:29 pm
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